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Greasy rockrose

Greasy rockrose
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Family: Cistaceae
Genre: Cistus
Species: Cistus ladanifer - Untitled Document

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synonymous: Greasy rockrose,

Another information about Cistus ladanifer

The word rockrose comes from the Arab and means bush or bush. The word Cistus comes from the 'Kistos' and means box. It alludes to the typical fruit in the shape of capsule. The word ladanifer alludes to the ládano, sticky substance.

This plant usually occupies big extensions in dry and sunny places on soils silíceos, avoiding of the lime soils.
ladano acts reflecting the beams of the sun, protecting the plant of an excessive warming. Also it protects the plant of the herbivores, due to the bad flavor that leaves them.

All the parts of the rockrose it has been used for the carboneo, but at present the ládano is used profusely like
perfumes fixer. - Untitled Document
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wild flower. Cistus ladanifer. Greasy rockrose

Greasy rockrose

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