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The parts of the flowers

The flowers are organs that possen some plants and that present a grade of more or less big complexity depending on the group to which they belong.
The plants angiosperms possess flowers with a few parts especielizadas in different functions that we are going to describe next:

Angiosperms: Parts of the flower

parts of the flowers
The principal parts of a finished flower can be summed up in the following ones:

- Stem: the part that supports the flower. It is the end of the stem placed under the flower.

- The chalice: it is the most external part of the flower and in cuentre formed by the sepals that almost always are of green color.

- The corolla: it is the part of the flower that is formed by the petals.

- The androceo is the set of masculine organs of the flower. They have a variable number and are called stamens. The stamens possess two parts, the filament (sterile part) and the anther that contains the grains of pollen.

- The pistil is the part of the flower that the feminine organs of the flower constitute also called carpels and consist of several parts in the finished flowers: the stigma, the style and the ovary.

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